You know something is wrong with your computers systems, servers, and/or networks.  At times they seem slow, or data gets lost, or…?

This is a true story.  No names to retain the confidentiality of the manufacturer involved.

This manufacturer has over 200 employees.  Their technology environment included 20 on-premise / in-house servers, plus manufacturing equipment integrated with the network and servers, Microsoft and Linux, Cisco firewall.

They had experienced multiple failures of their network, including loss of manufacturing time requiring overtime for workers.  The costs kept rising until a general estimate of the losses due to technology glitches was over $100,000 of added costs in labor and wasted raw materials per year.

Rather than do a full network assessment like NRTC offers for free, their I.T. experts guessed their servers were the problem.

They spent $50,000 on servers.  No improvement.

Finally, they decided to engage NRTC to do a full network security assessment s3n0amy.

The results:  The NRTC network security assessment uncovered a security hole in their firewall and a problem with their VLAN’s.

But that’s not all.  Malware was active on their system and other network problems spanning back two years were identified.

NRTC worked with their in-house IT team to craft a design to resolve the VLAN issue, close all security holes, remove the malware, and resolve all network issues.

Think about it:  2 Years of technology issues gone in one project.

THE RESULTS:              100% network uptime, which was an improvement from 70%.

THE COST:                   $15,000

THE SAVINGS:             $150,000 annually – a 10X ROI on the project

Why not get a no cost, no obligation network security assessment from NRTC?

You then have the right information to decide whether your technology needs upgrades or fixes, and you might catch malware or ransomware on your system.

Then again, the assessment might say your systems look fine.

MORE GOOD NEWS:  These I.T. network security assessments do not take time away from your schedule and can be included as part of an NRTC managed services agreement.

At NRTC, we help corporations, nonprofit organizations, and government entities assess their I.T. vulnerabilities and productivity daily.

Contact us to discuss how your technology could be doing more for you, and how a quarterly discipline of technology assessments compliment your monthly financial reconciliations.

If you are not currently one of our Clients, then we will provide one network security assessment at no charge.