Whether you want to limit your IT expenditures to free up resources, or leverage technology to advance your organization, we can help you get there.

Managed Services

We proactively manage the daily health of your technology so your employees can be more productive, and your internal IT staff can focus on strategic initiatives.


As certified, field-tested experts we design and deploy technologies to both leverage existing systems and position you to easily integrate new technologies.

Virtual CIO

Our Managed Services offer you some direction on how best to deploy technology and reporting on how your current technology environment is serving your people.

Customer Satisfaction


Limit IT costs, free up resources, and leverage technology to advance your organization.


We will align your business problems with comprehensive, secure solutions. We give you options, not ultimatums. We help you save money, yet get the most from the money you spend on technology. Your hardware, software, networks, and cloud technologies are deployed on schedule and within budget to improve your opportunities for success.

Managed Services

The depth of our knowledge and experience with advanced technologies, including your specific IT infrastructure, enable us to successfully manage and/or host all of your key systems. We set up your network and provide incident resolution and documentation; support for Mac, PC, Windows and Android and iOS tablets/smart phones; calls answered by IT experts; live 24/7 phone support, 365 days a year; and fast remote and/or on-site diagnostics and repair.


Your people can focus on their core responsibilities rather than being distracted by technology issues.


  • Introduction

  • Analysis

  • Installation

  • Adjustments

  • Measurement

Contact us to learn more about our proactive network and security management for your business-critical technology and prompt, professional support.


Business and nonprofit projects aim to (1) spend less, (2) save time, and (3) update old technology.


Deploying new technologies and integrating them with existing systems can be challenging, but necessary for your organization to achieve its objectives. Instead of burdening your overworked team with a new project, engage our team to get the job done.


We are certified, field-tested experts and with real-world experience. We design and deploy technologies to both leverage existing systems and position you to easily integrate new technologies that emerge in the future.

Virtual CIO

Every small-midsize business and nonprofit wants to improve business productivity and profits by better applying technology. However the majority of organizations like yours cannot afford a full-time Chief Information Officer. This is someone who sits at your executive table with your best interests at heart.


A vCIO acts as senior executive and IT advisor to your organization. Your vCIO is an expert in a wide range of technologies who supports your evaluation, decisions, deployment, and support of software and systems that might be more proprietary to your business and outside the scope of our typical expertise.

Customer Stories

Healthcare Spin-Off Success

A large healthcare provider decided to spin-off one of their rapidly growing business units. This group needed to implement their own network [...]