SaaS Provider, Software Development, Technology

An HR management company hired a large well-known technology provider to upgrade and host their network. When we began to serve this Client, provider X had delayed a much-needed network upgrade for a year. Provider X’s contract was air tight and the Client could not terminate early. The Client had implemented a partial network upgrade and placed half of their customers there, however these customers still suffered weekly outages.

We performed a complete assessment of the Clients business needs and technology environment. We defined the required changes to complete the network upgrade. Provider X disagreed with our recommendations. They blamed the Client’s software and databases for the issues, and the reason for delaying the network upgrade.

The Result

We were able to interview provider X’s engineers and identify where they were wrong. This evidence was provided to the management of Provider X, which for legal reasons then replaced certain techs on the team serving the Client and completed the network upgrade. We has since taken over complete management of the Client’s hosting environment and provide ongoing help desk services.

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