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A logistics and management company was having problems servicing its customers’ vehicles. The company was growing (good thing), but their servers could not handle the additional data and connectivity times were getting unbearable (bad thing). None of their staff had the expertise to upgrade the servers, but management was demanding an immediate upgrade because customer satisfaction was tanking and employee frustration was at an all-time high.

The owner reached out to Network Resource Technologies Corp. We started with a full technical assessment of their business needs and technical environment. Using proprietary intellectual property and tools, we identified a reliable way to quickly tune the current technical environment to improve access speeds for everyone, and a full, long-term upgrade path that would take longer to implement. While the upgrade work was done separately, the tuning of the existing network provided enough stability to keep the customers from revolting and leaving.

The Result

After our experienced tuning, system failures dropped from as often as twice daily to once monthly until the new system was installed. Since the upgrade the Client has enjoyed 100% uptime.

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