Healthcare, SaaS Provider, Software Development, Technology

A SaaS software developer serving Fortune 1000 companies had to quickly find a different outsource partner to manage their I.T. and datacenter. A key reason was one of their customers was a large healthcare manufacturer and distributor that was highly regulated by the U.S. federal government. Part of this oversight was a requirement that the software developer, including its I.T. and datacenter, must pass a full HIPAA audit.

The software developer had failed their audit due to their current outsourced I.T. services company. This jeopardized a major portion of the Client’s business. The regulators gave them one year to remediate and pass a re-audit.

The Result

Network Resource Technologies Corp relocated their datacenter, eliminating both the performance and security issues. We then initiated daily proactive managed services to confirm the software developer’s I.T and datacenter maintained high availability, secure data, and scaled to support their growth. The Client was re-audited after the transition to Network Resource Technologies Corp and completion of our work. They passed the audit without a single concern raised by the regulators.

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