Network Resource Technologies Corp was brought into a multi-site health provider to perform an audit. This organization had taken over a local hospital’s primary care facility and services six months earlier. Their current I.T. provider was supposed to have finished integrating the new facility into the corporate network three months before we were contacted. The executive team wanted a fresh look.

Their current provider was supposed to be onsite to help us complete our assessment, however they never showed up. We worked until about 8:00 p.m. to complete the assessment on our own. Five minutes after we left, their current provider came in and began to destroy the network, disconnecting equipment and deleting database files. He was stopped by security as they were closing the building. Later that evening the provider contacted the executive team to extort $40,000 from them or he would not fix the damage he had done or restore the data he had deleted.

The Result

We were immediately called in. We removed their current, now former, provider’s access to their systems. In one day we rebuilt their systems and restored all data that had been sabotaged. We then helped them get an entirely new site launched in two weeks.

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