Famous Social Media

A well-known social media company had 100% of their infrastructure in the public cloud.

Their updated forecasts identified a major problem: Cloud resources and expenses were increasing faster than customer growth. For instance, it might be 3X cloud resources are required to support 2Y # of customers. Their management and investors realized this would kill the fledging social media upstart as they could not have expenses increase faster than user growth.

They got creative and devised a way to leverage the expensive, complicated parts of their infrastructure and create an interconnection link to the cloud to allow on-demand flexibility of cloud resources, while other infrastructure needs could leverage the elastic nature of the public cloud.

The only problem was they needed a company to implement and support it. We were engaged and implemented this solution.

The Result

Their monthly budget for cloud services dropped from $450,000 to $125,000. (Yes, that is correct.) It was a savings of almost $4 million annually.

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