A diversified social media company decided to better focus their business by closing and/or selling off several business units. One of the principals decided to purchase one of the business units being divested. They reached out to us to make a quick and effective transition to a new network while still servicing their 24×7 clients.

There were three large challenges to this situation:

(1) The new company needed to transition to all new servers and network in a new datacenter in less than three months or the transaction would fall through

(2) Their current business was built upon proprietary technology that was not compatible with public cloud infrastructure, and

(3) They had funds for monthly overhead, but no capital budget to make the one-time investment for new infrastructure.

The Result

We performed a custom design, negotiated IaaS (infrastructure as a Service), implemented and migrated a fully operational 24×7 operating network within three months. There were only four hours of planned downtime. This allowed the new company to become immediately profitable even though previously it was losing money as a business unit of the larger company.

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