A large healthcare provider decided to spin-off one of their rapidly growing business units. This group needed to implement their own network while maintaining access to the old network and service customers. Their existing I.T. provider quoted $2,000,000 to do the work, but their budget was only $400,000. They spent weeks negotiating, but their existing provider would not budge.

The business unit could not spin-off on its own without an adequate I.T. infrastructure. The exorbitant price being demanded by their current I.T. provider was threatening to scuttle the entire transaction. Network Resource Technologies Corp was referred to the healthcare provider to perform an assessment based on the business needs of the spin-off group rather than the biased assumptions of the incumbent I.T. provider.


We created a design to implement a new network for the spin-off group while maintaining access to the existing network for $400,000, lowering the price by 80%, a savings of $1,600,000. However, all the work had to be completed in three weeks or the legal contract to split the businesses would expire and the opportunity would be lost. This would also close the branch and layoff nearly 100 employees.

We completed the project on-time and on-budget, enabling this group to spin-off on its own as an independent entity with all 100 employees continuing their careers.

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