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We managed this Client’s datacenter and their production applications. They had just landed their largest contract with a Fortune 100 company. Their internal IT staff managed their non-production servers in the office to provision and work through integrations of their production applications with new customers.

The weekend before Thanksgiving, a disgruntled ex-employee broke into their offices and selectively removed all the important hard drives and key components from their servers. The new Fortune 100 customer was scheduled to go live right after Thanksgiving once they finished the integration work, but now, just the Monday before Thanksgiving this Client’s internally managed environment was gone. The disgruntled employee had taken all the stolen components and dumped them into the river.

The Result

Within one week Network Resource Technologies Corp was able to provision, restore, configure, and launch an entirely new Linux/Windows non-production environment including Oracle database, XML, and web middleware. We worked through the Thanksgiving holiday so the Client only lost three business days in their process to integrate with their new Fortune 100 customer.

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