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Other companies limit their support to certain hours of the day. In contrast, our team does whatever I.T. takes for our Clients to avoid downtime.


This means we work through the night when technology fails so your company can work the next morning, or drop everything on a Sunday morning to go onsite at your company to fix a problem, or if necessary, jump on a plane at a moment’s notice to save the day in one of your remote locations.





Other companies are primarily driven by their sales quotas, vendor product lines, and company profit. In contrast, the Network Resource Technologies Corp team thinks like one of your most loyal employees. We like to say that we “put on our Clients’ hat” so often the headband has a sweat stain.


This means we ask questions to help you consider information that is being overlooked.



Vendor Agnostic


Other companies are focused on driving specific vendor solutions that may not be the best for your company. In contrast, we implement and support high-speed, redundant, scalable Microsoft Windows enterprise networks integrated with unique software applications, Oracle, Linux, and other solutions.


This means you have one partner providing a safe harbor for all of your technology infrastructure. We don’t play the blame game. We just solve problems as they occur so your company can grow without major interruptions from technology failure.


Predictable Costs


Other companies require you to spend more than they estimated. In contrast, we provide predictable monthly managed services pricing and guaranteed price quotes for projects. There are no surprises.


This means you pay only for work that is successfully completed. Your invoices are accompanied by detailed descriptions of work performed. Your I.T. infrastructure operates within its budget so you can focus on other aspects of your business.



Proactive Service


Other companies respond to technology failures and problems after they occur. In contrast, we proactively monitor every contracted computer, server and connected equipment to identify problems before they occur, and resolve them before there is downtime.


This means your people avoid stress, work delays, lost data, and unhappy customers because your employees cannot do the work promised them.


For instance, our monitoring systems detected a problem on a Client’s site on a Friday night around 6:30 p.m. An engineer manually confirmed the problem was real. We then alerted the Client of the problem and explained we were working to resolve the issue.

Within one hour the issue had been detected without any knowledge of the Client, the issue was resolved, the Client updated, and a root cause analysis underway to remove any possibility of the issue returning.


Fast Response


Other companies take longer to resolve technology problems

because the work is done manually by people with limited skill sets. In contrast, we have developed dozens of proprietary automated processes developed by highly skilled, certified experts and administered by fully trained professionals who are polite and helpful.


This means your computer, network, and system issues are often proactively resolved before there is a system problem, and when there is equipment failure, it is resolved more quickly through automated, streamlined applications and processes.



Career Professionals

We are an adept team of I.T. professionals who love what we do. We need two more people for our team, working from our Lanham, Maryland offices. Are you a Help Desk or Field Engineer superstar who wants a better long-term career opportunity?

We want to be the best career move you ever make.

Network Resource Technologies Corp


We are a team of I.T. professionals who love what we do.  We need two more people for our team, working from our Lanham, Maryland offices.  Are you a Help Desk or Field Engineer superstar who wants a better long-term career opportunity?


Do you love new technology, but feel stuck in your current job? THIS IS YOUR CHANCE. Our team is constantly learning new technologies and applying them with our Clients.


Are you tired of exceeding quota and getting rewarded with a smaller territory, lower commission rates, and/or higher quota? We are looking for a sales pro to help build our business.

We work together well, and each of us is focused on achieving our own strategic plan that makes certain we are doing work that is exciting and meaningful to us personally, plus meets or exceeds our Clients’ expectations.


Openings at Network Resource Technologies Corp are full-time, long-term, CAREER opportunities in our Lanham, Maryland offices. These are not a short-term jobs or remote positions.  Telecommuting is not an option.


Contact us to learn more.